Cienega Instrumental Music Program



The Cienega High School Instrumental Music Program has garnered significant recognition and accolades since the school’s opening in 2001. Continuing to build upon its tradition of excellence and community pride, our program is proud to recognize our past, present, and future.

Year Director Marching Band Show
2022 Grant Knox Once Upon A Time
2021 Grant Knox Triumphant Voyage
2020 Grant Knox N/A
2019 Jim Matsushino What A Wonderful World
2018 Jim Matsushino Dream On: Until Your Dreams Come True
2017 Jim Matsushino Finding Joy in the Journey
2016 Jim Matsushino The Art of Joy
2015 Jim Matsushino Fabric of Time
2014 Jim Matsushino Shadows and Light
2013 Jim Matsushino Starscapes
2012 Jim Matsushino Camelot: The Once and Future King
2011 Jim Matsushino
2010 Jim Matsushino Riverdance
2009 Tom Broccolo
2008 Tom Broccolo
2007 Tom Broccolo
2006 Tom Broccolo
2005 Tom Broccolo
2004 Tom Broccolo
2003 Tom Broccolo
2002 Tom Broccolo
2001 Tom Broccolo