Aug 23 & 30 Updates

We have a whole lot happening. Lots of information to read below. Have a great day! Enjoy!

Chris Durnan
Communications Chair

We need those forms for travel!

Students in order to travel we need your forms turned in.

Marching band travels in September. Also, other CIMP bands will travel to competitions throughout the years. Please help us get these turned in this week. Medical Forms and Parent information is a MUST for travel. Please help our amazing volunteers move on to coordinating something then chasing forms. Get those forms turned in as soon as possible. 

Link to forms for all bands are here under JOIN THE PROGRAM

If you don't know or you think you might not have or you are not sure, please contact Mr. Knox he was given a list today of those who have not turned in. 

After a full purge of old accounts and review to the class list from Mr. Knox

Marching Band - missing 18

Jazz Ensemble - missing 12

Symphonic - missing 17

Concert - missing 14

Orchestra - missing 3 ----- wooohooooooo Go Orchestra!

Section Leaders and Drum Majors - please check in on your musicians. And let us know what we can do to help. If we need to print them and get them papers to sign in. It can be done. We would love to close out this portion of paperwork and move on to planning for food and travel and competitions. - Thank you from the Boosters & Parent volunteers. 

Middle School Orchestra Camp

Per Mr. Knox this is a mandatory Orchestra musician event 

MS Orchestra Boot Camp (8/25): 3-7pm at Empire HS - mandatory for orchestra students

snowconesthank you

Thank you!

We had a full house of amazing volunteers on Friday night. From equipment to stands to snow cones to supporting the needs of the students. Thank you to those parents who continue to volunteer their time. We appreciate you and helping make this year for the musicians awesome!

If you volunteered and can help us track the impact of the CIMP program on the Cienega campus, we have a form below and would greatly appreciate it.

Volunteer Needs

Buena Help Sign Up

Logistics for this first travel performance are being worked out.

Details will be added  as they evolve. 

Basic overview is we are heading to Buena to play. We will have 2 buses. Call time is 4pm and 4:30pm leaving. We will not be in full uniform but will wear Show shirt uniform with tan shorts/pants etc.

We will need assistance in getting students off to the buses with a quick dinner.

Also, will need donations to supplement food for student musicians.

Sign Up Link for Volunteers -

Please remember at pickup upon return.  Students are responsible for emptying the bus of any belongings, their instruments and music etc. When buses show, there may be a little more time before students are released. If you would like to help to assist in this process moving along faster, parent support is always appreciated. 

Parade & Rehearsal Day - Sept 11th

Logistics for this first parade are being worked out.

Details will be added as they evolve. 

We will be in uniform on Parade Route

Sign Up Link for Volunteers -

Parent Volunteers

We will need to pull your volunteer application. If you have completed one with the Vail School District already, THANK YOU!

If you still need to. HERE is the link. Thank you!



Marching Band Show Shirts

We were able to get a little more time for Show Shirt purchases. THESE CLOSE ON WEDNESDAY! if you know of anyone who would like to support or would like to purchase your student and extra shirt or yourself. Please visit our shop from Local business Bling by Design. 

Link to purchase Shirts

Cienega Bands Apparel - Closes Sept 6th

Helpful Information

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