to the Cienega Instrumental Music Program's
2019-2020 Award and Accolades Virtual Event


A quick technical note. This is a very visual event. please take a moment for things to load and do not reload over and over. Also, the volume of visitors at once may affect the playback. Thank you for your understanding. - Chris Durnan

Welcome and Awards from Mr. Matsushino


to our


Slideshows - Presented by the amazing students of CIMP

We are grateful!


Mrs. Isaac 

Thank you to our Treasurer for all your hard work keeping the numbers straight. We appreciate all your help in volunteering for collecting, counting and recording the funds. But also your many hours volunteered on trips, in concessions, fundraising and more. We appreciate you! - Mrs. Durnan

Elizabeth Dickey

Mrs. Dickey

Mrs. Dickey, as a band parent, I couldn't be more grateful for what you do for our kids. You make it possible for them to look amazing in their uniforms. Making us a very well dressed program. We appreciate you and all you do! - Mrs. Spears

The Largest Volunteer Hours Group on the Cienega Campus

Supporting Our Musicians with Hard Work

Thank you for your many many hours devoted to the Instrumental Program

And There's More....

Welcome to our new Boosters Board & New Director

Learn more about them!

The End of Year Photo Gallery

A compilation of photos sent in by many for the year.

Thank you to Mr. Matsushino

The year couldn't pass without gratitude from the many.

Just a note from Mrs. Durnan,

Thank you to so many that reached out and sent me pieces for this project. I was honored to be able to pull something together for all of you. I am going to step up first thing and say, it was an extreme juggle to manage all the information and get everything included.  If I missed a video or a post or something sent to me. I apologize. Hugely. Please shoot me an email and I will look into it if you have previously sent it to me. If not, please add your thank yous and congrats in the comments at the links/buttons above.  Congrats to another year of Instrumental Music Program it may have brought on a lot of changes and challenges, but we carry on. Go Bobcats and CIMP. Enjoy! Chris Durnan cdurnan@acaciait.com

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