CIMP Week of August 16th

Good Morning.

Lots happening with CIMP. A few quick pieces of information. 

All information relevant to students has been given to them directly by Mr. Knox 

Monday night Rehearsal – Meet us in the stands – 8pm (unless it’s raining)
Have any questions, need help with the volunteer form, curious about travel, how to sign up for volunteering…… want to just watch the musicians practice on the field. We’ll be in the stands at 8pm unless it is raining to answer any questions. 

It has been a VERY long time coming, but we are back to playing at Cienega.

We need your help during the game. We have lots of open spots for volunteers.

Call Time & Attire information from Mr. Knox below. 

Copper/Navy – Friday. August 20th

Call: 5:00pm

Sectional Warmups: 5:10pm

Lineup to Enter Stadium: 5:30pm

Game Starts: 6:00pm

Game Ends: 8:30pm(ish)

Attire: Show shirts and khaki shorts with tennis shoes. If show shirts aren’t in yet, Cienega shirt will be the attire

Calendar updates

This morning the Charms calendar, (showing publicly on the website) has been updated. 

  • If you have a download of the pdf calendar, you will need to download a new one.
  • If you have synced the calendar from the website to your device or use the Charms app for the calendar, it will automatically update for you by morning. How to connect is on the calendar page.

All of the above information will be posted on the website as well. 

Don’t forget to sign up for volunteering through Vail School District which is due every year through applitrak. We will need chaperones for bus travel for games and competitions. Please get those forms in early. We appreciate your help!

Thank you!

Chris Durnan
-Communications chair