Cienega Instrumental Music Program


The Cienega High School Concert Band is an ensemble mostly compromised of Freshmen instrumental music students. This ensemble serves to transition students into high school-level musical pursuits, encouraging the establishment of accountability and individual development. The Cienega High School Symphonic Band is an auditioned ensemble made up of Sophomore, Junior, and Senior instrumental musicians. Both ensembles have enjoyed commercial success in both the Area and State concert festivals. The Concert Band meets during 1st Period and the Symphonic Band meets during 2nd Period. Both ensembles promote the development of individual and ensemble musicianship through diverse and rigorous performance repertoire.



The Cienega High School Jazz Band represents the best of traditional jazz practices while exploring new fusion techniques made popular over the last few decades. This ensemble meets during 3rd Period, placing an emphasis on performance technique, rudimentary improvisational skills, musicianship, and a sense of personal accountability. Members of this auditioned ensemble are expected to put forth a skilled effort in exhibiting technical and musical growth in addition to a general understanding of the history and common practices of jazz music.



The Cienega High School String Orchestra welcomes students of varying abilities. Our groups have benefitted from great individual and ensemble success in its recent years and continue to grow. In addition to extracurricular events/clinics, rehearsals, and performances, these string ensembles meet during 4th Period, placing an emphasis on performance technique and practice, pedagogical knowledge of music theory and history, and exposure to solo, chamber, and large ensemble performance opportunities.



Each ensemble will present the opportunity for students to participate in solo and chamber performance experiences. These opportunities include the Cienega Chamber Winds (2nd period), Copper/Navy Jazz Combo (3rd period), and various string trios and string quartets (4th period). Opportunities vary from year to year, depending on ensemble needs and abilities.



The Copper Thunder Marching Band is a high-profile ensemble and consists of students in grades 9-12 who are also involved with other CIMP ensembles. The band is currently one of the most premiere marching bands in the state of Arizona. In their 2023 season, the CTMB finished in 1st place in their division at all four of their regional competitions, including the school's first ever win at University of Arizona's Band Day Competition. Over those four events, the ensemble also brought home 18 caption awards. The band ended their season as silver medalists at Arizona Marching Band Association's 2023 Championships and took home the caption award for best visual performance.

In addition to extracurricular events/clinics, rehearsals, and performances, this ensemble meets during Zero Hour. Our students are exposed to performance techniques pervading modern marching arts while also representing many traditional practices. These performers exhibit great musical and athletic ability while entertaining local, regional, and national crowds.



The Bobcat Pep Band is an extracurricular ensemble that performs at various winter/spring school and sporting events. This ensemble meets from November-April for after-school athletic events. This auditioned group exhibits the best combination of school spirit and high-caliber musicianship in support of Cienega High School Athletics. 

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The Cienega High School Color Guard is an auxiliary unit of the Copper Thunder Marching Band. This group meets during Zero Hour as a yearlong class in which students learn fundamentals of dance and artistic movement along with traditional aspects of color guard including: flags, rifles and sabers. This group performs at all of the home and away football games and competitions alongside the Copper Thunder Marching Band, in addition to performing as a stand-alone group during the spring semester at various winter guard exhibitions and competitions. Exhibiting artistry through the unity of dance and musical expression, these performers are a key component to the immersion of arts in the marching band medium.


Founded in Fall 2022, Cienega High School is proud to host a United Sound chapter. United Sound is a national peer mentoring program that pairs students with disabilities and general education peers in the band and orchestra setting. Under the supervision of the music and special education departments at Cienega High School, this ensemble offers opportunity for students with physical and intellectual disabilities to learn music through a literacy-based national curriculum, with performances taking place alongside their musical mentors once per semester. The United Sound chapter at Cienega High School is an extracurricular group, and meets weekly during PAWS periods.