This week Forms are needed.

Good Morning, 

This is a reminder that we do need 2 of the forms for bands turned in this week to keep musicians at the ready in case they can perform at any event. We have 2 ways to drop or upload those forms. Please see information below or at the CienegaIMP.Com website

For both possibilities: You can download the forms on the website here:

Mr. Knox will be available for drop off this week. Please use all the cautions required when coming to the band room. Wear masks according to campus policy and do not congregate within the band room after dropping off forms. 

Mr. Knox will be available in the Band Room Monday, July 27th through Friday, July 31st from 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM for form drop-offs.

2nd option is to upload your documents through a web browser.

A few notes Charms is asking for resets of passwords with their upgrades. It appears that the student and parent accounts are all one account. You will need the student information in order to change the password. Parents and Students will need to use the same login information.

Below are the directions to upload your forms, offered by our Booster President Kiki from Charms. 

  1. Parent download forms on Website (link above)
  2. Print and sign forms and then scan them into their computer. Or, if the have the ability to edit and sign PDF’s, they can do that on the computer.
  3.  If students have login access to Charms, they can log in to the Parent/ Student Area.
  4. Click on the “FILES & HANDOUTS” tab at the top to be taken to that page.
  5. Scroll down towards the bottom of the screen. There is a box with “Upload File to Teacher” “Choose File” “Upload File”.
  6. Click on “Choose File” to choose the file on their computer.
  7. Choose the document and the click “Upload File”.
  8. The file chosen to be Uploaded should appear at the bottom of the screen on Charms.

If you have any questions specifically for Mr. Knox, please email him directly. 

Thank you


Chris Durnan

Communications CIMP

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