Booster Update 9/11-9/15

THANK YOU to all who volunteered Friday - Middle School night was a huge success!  We hosted 100 7th & 8th graders - the future of CIMP is bright!  We also had the largest snow cone sales in recent history!!


9/11 Booster meeting

6:00 PM in the Choir room - all are welcome to join.

9/15 FNL: Walden Grove Away Game 

This is our first opportunity to travel this season and we need a lot of help!  Call time for students is 4:30 - we will be feeding them dinner.  The boosters will provide sandwiches and we are asking for donations of chips and desserts - find the sign-up link below.

We need parents who can be bus chaperones as well as help at the game.  Please sign up - If you choose anything other than bus chaperone, you can ride the bus (meet at Cienega at 5:00) or meet the bus at Walden Grove (estimate 6:10).


  • Upon return we ask that parents help unload busses prior to students leaving - everyone wants to get home and more hands make faster work.
  • Time estimates will be provided for return to Cienega - We will post updates to Instagram and Facebook stories for easy reference of when the busses expect to arrive back at Cienega - make sure to follow if you want to stay up to date.

  • Encourage your student to charge their phone prior to travel! If you have a portable charger this is highly recommended - especially if you use any GPS tracking for their return home - most students will have a dead battery by 10:30 PM after an entire day at school.
  • Do not rely on your student to communicate with you for pick up (i.e. - text when passing a certain landmark)- these kids are dead tired and most fall asleep on the bus.