Director’s Notes: Oct. 16-21, 2023

After another great week back on the competition circuit for our marching band, we are now in the busiest week of the season! A few notes to keep in mind going into this week for students and parents:

Your health: Please make sure you are hydrating, resting, and doing other things to keep your immune system strong as we go into sick season. Your contribution to the band is crucial and we need everyone at 100% for rehearsals and shows.

Grades/Homecoming: It's difficult to get back into the swing of school after a long fall break. Please remember you must maintain academic eligibility to compete on the weekends though. On a similar note, Homecoming week typically comes with lots of distractions. Enjoy the homecoming festivities, but please remember your responsibility to your grades and the band this week also.

Schedule for the week:

  • Monday- 0 hour; evening rehearsal (6-9 pm)
  • Tuesday- 0 hour; open band room until 5:30 pm
  • Wednesday- 0 hour; senior pictures during 0 hour
  • Thursday- 0 hour; sectionals (4-6 pm)
  • Friday- Home football (HoCo Game)
    • Call time: 5:00 pm
    • Will likely perform during pregame instead of at half-time
    • alumni are welcome to come play with the band in the stands
  • Saturday- U of A Band Day

U of A Band Day is the most important show we have had so far this season. It is crucial we have a good performance this weekend.

As of now, students who want to return to CHS after A/AA awards to attend Homecoming will be able to do so. We plan to have one bus return after our awards and the other return after the competition is over that evening. This is subject to change, pending bussing decisions made by Transportation. Parents must complete the google form by Thursday, Oct. 19 in order for their child to be allowed to return to school early. Please see the attached Google Form and Itinerary below:

Homecoming Permission Form:

Band Day Itinerary: