Director’s Update: 9/4-9/9/2023

First, I need to give a huge thank you to all of our boosters and parent volunteers that did so much to make our first home game go smoothly last weekend! I've done band in a lot of different places, but I have never witnessed the type of parent involvement and support around the band that I did last Friday. Thank you all for everything you do. If you're wondering how you can be involved with the marching band this season, please think about volunteering with us on Friday nights or Saturdays.

This Week's Schedule

Monday- No School/Rehearsal

Tuesday- Zero Hour Rehearsal

Wednesday- Zero Hour Rehearsal

Thursday- Zero Hour & indoor rehearsal from 4-6 pm

Friday- MS BAND NIGHT!! Please see itinerary posted in the MS Band Night tab.

Saturday- Camp Day (8 am-3 pm) Students responsible for their own lunch.

This is a very important week for the recruitment of our program. We will have a lot of middle school students with us Friday night and will need all hands on deck. Please consider volunteering!

Clarification on Eligibility Rules:

I realize that for many of our freshmen families, eligibility is a new concept. I hope this provides clarity on both the CHS and band's policy on academic eligibility.

All grades will be pulled at noon on Friday of every week. Any student meeting the following criteria will be deemed ineligible to perform for any Friday or Saturday performance that weekend:

  • students who have an F in any class
  • students who have a current GPA under 2.0 regardless of letter grades

Procedure for Students Ruled Ineligible:

  • students will be notified of their ineligibility at call time on Friday afternoon.
  • Ineligible students may not dress in full uniform or perform with the band
  • Ineligible students must remain with the band for any Friday or Saturday event they are ruled ineligible for in order to recover credit for that performance
  • Ineligible students will serve as band managers and assist the directors with various tasks until they are eligible again.
  • Ineligible students who do not attend performances because they are not allowed to perform will receive a 0% for the graded performance and no higher than a 50% for the weekly grade.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact Mr. Bailey at